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The Effect Callbacks

Hi, our callbacks will take place on Sunday, Sept. 4 from 6 pm to 12 am. Not everyone will be called for the whole time, but some will. If you have concurrent callbacks, please let us know asap.

Dr. Lorna James
  • Turandot Shayegan
  • Tia KwanBock
  • Sophie Garrigus
  • Karina Cowperthwaite
Dr. Toby Sealey
  • Ben Crawford
  • Jacob Ostfeld
  • Robbie Owen
  • Connor Riordan
Connie Hall
  • Turandot Shayegan
  • Tia KwanBock
  • Shannon Harrington
  • Lily Davis
Tristan Frey
  • Connor Riordan
  • Elio Kennedy-Yoon
  • Emil Droga
  • Andrew de Souza

Please email [email protected] with any questions.