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Queen of Magic Callbacks

Callbacks for Queen of Magic will be held 4-10pm on Monday, September 5th in Farkas 303. Please see below time slots for specific characters, and let us know if there are conflicts as soon as possible. Please also reach out to us if scheduling meals around these callbacks presents any difficulties for you and we would be happy to work with you.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Queen of Magic! We were thrilled to see all of your performances. Please note that while we are only calling back actors for three specific parts, all ten parts will be named characters with solo moments (music and lines). Actors who have not been called back for these three roles may still be cast in other roles.

Adele Herrmann
  • Nikita Nair
  • Ria Cuellar-Koh
  • Devon Gates
  • Anna Fitzsimmons
Adelaide Herrmann
  • Jess Leff
  • Cybele Fasquelle
  • Carolyn Hao
  • Caitlin Paul
Charles Smith
  • William Murray
  • Jonah Sorscher
  • Cooper Tretter
  • Connor Riordan

Please email [email protected] with any questions.