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Cast List for:

Black Playwrights' Festival

Congratulations on being offered a role in the Black Playwrights' Festival!

The plays will be:
A Funeral for My Friend by Kayla Bey
J-Walk: The Musical by Rave Andrews and Madison Valley
Under Control by Chinyere Obasi

Once again, the team of BPF cannot contact you once cast lists go out; you must contact us with any questions you have on signing/doing two shows/etc.

If you were a first choice in two shows within the festival and only want to do one of them, sign up for the role and email us with the clarification. If you were an alternate for such a role and you take it, contact us for a meeting regardless.

If you are cast in multiple shows (BPF and something else) and wish to participate in both/all of them, you MUST reach out to the stage managers of those shows and to the BPF team before signing.

Any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to the show contact email below, or to the playwrights' emails:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

(If you read for the musical Tapes and are still interested, there is a chance it will be presented at a different festival on campus this fall. Stay tuned and/or email [email protected] for more information)

Deja (A Funeral for My Friend)
  • Bari Tuka
Melah (A Funeral for My Friend)
  • Aissatou Diallo
Renae (A Funeral for My Friend)
  • Halle Clottey
Lenora (A Funeral for My Friend)
  • Nina Ijomanta
Tyson (A Funeral for My Friend)
  • William Pryor
  • Walter Ohams
Short (A Funeral) AND Male Ensemble (UC)
  • Walter Ohams
  • Jordan Woods
Jackie (J-Walk: The Musical) AND Female Ensemble (UC)
  • Sophie Garrigus
  • Gabrielle Medina
Nick (J-Walk: The Musical)
  • Louis Zekowski
  • Aaron Kang
Sam (J-Walk: The Musical) AND Male Ensemble (UC)
  • James GaNun
Margo (J-Walk: The Musical) AND Female Ensemble (UC)
  • Anna Fitzsimmons
  • Gabrielle Medina
Jordan (J-Walk: The Musical)
  • Andrew de Souza
  • Walter Ohams
Male Ensemble (Under Control)
  • Robbie Owen
  • Cam Parsons Muniz
  • Jordan Woods
  • Vander Ritchie
  • Louis Zekowski
Female Ensemble (Under Control)
  • Caron Kim
  • Isabella Madrigal
  • Yirenny Cordero
  • Gabrielle Medina

If you have been cast in this show, please click the link in the notification email you received to sign for your role, or sign in to your account via Google.

If you cannot find the link or it does not work, please request a new signing link.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.