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Cast List for:

Queen of Magic

Thanks so much for auditioning for Queen of Magic! We were thrilled to see the large amount of interest in this first production of our original musical.

As a reminder, we cannot reach out to you during signing period, but would love to hear from you with any and all questions:

Stage Director: Ellie Powell, [email protected], 434-260-9669
Musical Director: Veronica Leahy, [email protected], 980-275-2193
Stage Manager: Andrew Honold, [email protected], 631-599-8391
Writer/Producer: Andrew Van Camp, [email protected], 914-500-5921

As this show takes place in the Loeb Drama Center, when signing for a role, all actors MUST read the tech req information and sign for a tech req at the following link:

Please note that we cannot share actors with Iscariot, as our residencies overlap, and that all actors signing for more than one role must check in with the stage managers of both shows before signing.

Adele Herrmann
  • Devon Gates
  • Ria Cuellar-Koh
  • Nikita Nair
Adelaide Herrmann
  • Cybele Fasquelle
  • Carolyn Hao
  • Jess Leff
  • Caitlin Paul
Charles Smith
  • William Murray
  • Connor Riordan
  • Jonah Sorscher
Charlotte Herrmann
  • Nikita Nair
  • Ria Cuellar-Koh
  • Lindsay Bernard
Alexander Herrmann / Harry Blackstone
  • Connor Riordan
  • David Peters
  • Aiden Bowers
Harry Kellar
  • Jonah Sorscher
  • Jacob Ostfeld
  • Aiden Bowers
Harry Houdini
  • Louis Zekowski
  • Vander Ritchie
  • Cooper Tretter
  • Anna Fitzsimmons
  • Caitlin Paul
  • Julia Kennish
  • Hailey Hurd
  • Onovughakpor Otitigbe-Dangerfield
  • Ria Cuellar-Koh
  • Texaco Texeira-Ramos
  • Kathryn Klein
  • Jess Leff
  • Shannon Harrington
  • Lindsay Bernard
  • Anika Hatzius

If you have been cast in this show, please click the link in the notification email you received to sign for your role, or sign in to your account via Google.

If you cannot find the link or it does not work, please request a new signing link.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.