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Cast List for:

This Is Our Youth

Please contact Mira ([email protected]) and/or Julia ([email protected]) if you have ANY questions or concerns about your role, especially if you are considering signing for another show in addition to This Is Our Youth. We plan to be as flexible as possible, but we just need to touch base with you and the other production teams. Regardless of whether your name is on these lists or not, you may still be contacted about a possible production assistant/understudy role AFTER signing period has elapsed. Thank you so much!

  • Judy Durkin
  • Julia Riew
  • Kyra Siegel
  • Robbie Owen
  • Connor Riordan
  • Felipe Albors
  • Benjamin Topa
  • Robbie Owen
  • Andrew Spielmann

If you have been cast in this show, please click the link in the notification email you received to sign for your role, or sign in to your account via Google.

If you cannot find the link or it does not work, please request a new signing link.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.