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Cast List for:

Under Control/Utter Chaos

Thank you all for auditioning for Under Control / Utter Chaos! It was an honour to watch your auditions and work with you during callbacks.

As this show takes place in the Loeb Drama Center, when signing for a role, all actors MUST read the tech req requirements and sign up for a tech req at this link: (

Each actor cast will perform as at least two characters in this play, as it is pretty central to the conceit of this play. Trust me when I say there are no small parts!

If you are cast in multiple shows and wish to participate in both/all of them, you MUST reach out to the teams of those shows before signing.

If you have any further questions, whether about conflicts, character descriptions, or anything else, please direct them to this email: [email protected].

Please reach out to our team with any questions about time commitment, role demands, show content, or anything else you are thinking about. We cannot contact you first, so get in touch with us!

Thank you all!

  • Caron Kim
  • Olivia Data
  • Jacqueline Metzger
  • Matthew Given
  • Andrew Spielmann
  • James GaNun
  • Julia Grullon
  • Chloe Chao
  • Andrew Spielmann
  • Mattheus Carpenter
  • Conall McGinn
  • Cybele Fasquelle
  • Chloe Chao
  • Bernardo Sequeira
  • Gunnar Sizemore
  • Keren Elmore
  • Kathleen Benson
  • Kai Lewis
  • Caren Koh
  • Kristian Hardy
  • Jacqueline Metzger
  • Hannah Alexis
  • Elyse Martin-Smith
  • Anna Fitzsimmons
  • Preston Bushnell
  • James GaNun
  • Jack Griffin
  • Andrew Spielmann
  • Neha Kalra
  • Kimtee Kundu
  • Jacqueline Metzger
  • Preston Bushnell
  • Conall McGinn
  • Olivia Data
  • Fable Perkins
  • Katie Silverman

If you have been cast in this show, please click the link in the notification email you received to sign for your role, or sign in to your account via Google.

If you cannot find the link or it does not work, please request a new signing link.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.